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Povidone ( CAS No. 9003-39-8)

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1, Product Information:
Povidone/Polyvinylpyrrolidone/PVP (K12, K15, K17, K25, K30, K90)
Appearance: A White to yellowish white powder
Appearance of solution: Clear and not more intensely coloured than reference solution 
CAS No.: 9003-39-8, 
EINECS No.:201-800-4
2, Specification:
Tech grade:  USP26
Phrma grade: USP36, EP7.5
Cosmetic Grade: USP36, EP7.5
3, Uses:
Technical Grade 
Application: as surface coating agent, dispersing agent, thickener, binder in paint, printing ink, textile, printing and dyeing, color picture tubes. Can improve the binder for metal, glass, plastic and other materials, bonding properties.
Pharmaceutical Grade
Application: used as binder for tablet and pellet, dissolving assistant for injection, flowing assistant for capsule, dispersant for liquid medicine and pigment, stabilizer for enzyme and heat sensitive drug, coprecipitant for poorly soluble drug, lubricator and antitoxical assistant for eye drug, PVP has been used as excipients more than one hundred drugs. 
Cosmetic Grade 
Application: used extensively in a wide range in hair care, skin care & oral care products. The products are particularly suitable for formulations where viscosity modification and film forming properties are required. This series are particularly well suited to hair styling products, especially clear formulations.
5, Packing:  
25kg per fibre drum or 40kgs per drum, 9mt per 20ft container
6, Storage:
Kept in cool and ventilating place, keep far away from fire and heat. Load gently, no breakage and leakage


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