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2-Pyrrolidone (CAS No.616-45-5)

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1, Product Information:
2-Pyrrolidone / a-pyrrolidone
Appearance: colorless to slightly yellow liquid, with a faint amine odor.
CAS No.616-45-5, 
EINECS No.:210-483-1
2, Characteristics:
Molecular formula:  C4H7NO
Molecular weight:   85.10
Melting point:          24.6C
Boiling point:          245C
Flash point:            129.4C
Refractive index:    1.482-1.490
3, Specification:
Industrial grade:   99.50%min.
Phrma grade (EP, USP Grade):  99.90%min.
4, Uses:
2-pyrrolidone is a colorless to slightly yellow liquid, with a faint amine odor.  2-P is a high-polar solvent and it is miscible with water and conventional organic solvents. 
(1) to produce inks and iodine
(2) to produce synthetic resin
(3) to produce pesticide
(4) to produce polyvalent alcohol
(5) as the raw materials of Pharmaceuticals , Veterinary , Drugs, Medicines and Agrochemicals products etc.
5, Packing:  
Galvanized metal drum or PE drum, net wt.: 200kgs per drum, 16mt ( 80 drums) per 20ft container; or kept in ISO TANK, Net Wt. 20MT/ISO Tank.
6, Storage:
Kept in cool and ventilating place, keep far away from fire and heat. Load gently, no breakage and leakage
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